Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to bring my own dive gear?

If you don’t feel like lugging all your gear halfway across the world, then you are more than welcome to rent equipment from our dive centres. However, if you do have your own gear, there is plenty of storage space in our centres.

What kind of wetsuit should I bring?

The water temperature is always around 28 degrees Celsius here so we are use 3mm ‘shorties’.

What time of year is best for seeing whale sharks?

What time of year is best for seeing whale sharks? If your goal is to dive with a whale shark, we recommend you head to either (Sun or Holiday) Island. Whale sharks frequent the waters all year round but you’ll be most likely to spot one between October and March.(Royal Island) late June till late November is the period of the Manta season Baa Atoll of Maldives the rich plankton boom attracts both Manta rays as well as Whale Shark at Hanifaru Bay.

What time of year is best for seeing manta rays?

What time of year is best for seeing manta rays? In North Male’ Atoll (Paradise Island), the best time of year to encounter manta rays is from April/May until November/December.In Ari Atoll (Sun and Holiday Islands), the best time of year is between October and March. (Royal Island) late June till late November Manta Season in Baa Atoll Hanifarubay.

Do I have to bring a medical certificate? Medical and covid19 notice for beginners and certified divers:

Please check the “scuba medical questionnaire”UHMS If you answer “YES” to any of those questions, If you have any of the medical conditions, we would require a fit for diving medical certificate from a physician. If you have tested positive for Covid-19 in the past we would require a fit to dive certificate preferably from a Diving medical Specialist."RSTC forms languages on this link(Download Medical Statement)

How deep can I dive?

Scuba Diver Certification: 12metres max Open Water Certification: 20 metres max Advanced and higher certification: 30 metres max By Maldivian law, the deepest recreational divers can go is 30 metres. Decompression diving is not permitted.

Do I need dive insurance

It is not mandatory but recomended by us you can get a dive inurance an adequate coverage at a reasonable price from either DAN or from PADI please take some time to find out the policy for you.

Do I have to book before I arrive?

All fun dives can be arranged on arrival, as well as all courses up to Rescue Diver. If you are planning to complete your Dive Master training with us, then you’ll need to book. If you want to make sure that there will be an instructor who speaks your language, please contact the dive centre before arrival.

What is diveOceanus’ policy of diving after flying and flying after diving?

At diveOceanus we follow the latest recommendations regarding flying after diving. We follow a 24 hours no fly after diving policy as well as a 12 hour no fly before diving policy.

I don’t have diving certification. Can I dive?

Yes! You can join our Discover Scuba Diving programme where you’ll be introduced to the wonderful world of diving by an experienced instructor.

Where is the closest recompression chamber?

Dan operates a chamber in Bandos Island Resort (North Male Atoll) and there is also another chamber in North Ari Atoll.

Can snorkelers join on the boat?

If you don’t fancy diving or have a non-diving partner, you will be able to join the dive boat, depending on the day’s dive site and weather conditions.

What kind of valves are used on your cylinders?

Our Cylinders are both compatible for DIN/INT regulators and can be used with DIN/INT YOKE regulators

Do I need an orientation Dive?

All divers require an orientation dive, unless you have logged a dive within the last three months.The orientation dive consists of a dive on our house reef or lagoon.